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Off for a little hike in a fairly new-to-us park.

With brand new hiking sticks. The sticks were a Cub Scout project at our last camping trip and were a huge hit. The sticks are from Home Depot and each has a hole drilled through it for a leather strap handle. The kids were given their sticks and acrylic paint and they worked so hard. The sticks can have Scout patches and stuff added to them over the years and can stay with them through Boy Scouts so, hopefully, we were able to create a lasting memory for the boys and their siblings.

River's is made from a smaller dowel I had at home, this one is a perfect height for him for now and will last until he's old enough to make one in Scouts.  I coated River's with polyurethane and will do the same for the other kids.

Aren't my children so orderly and well behaved?

Yeah, right. Here they are two seconds later, scattering in all directions ... cause that's how we really do it around here (wouldn't have it any other way).

While the boys were trying to knock trees over and sword fight with their hiking sticks Miss Mia found a spot for a moment of quiet meditation, a habit she's developed over the years of living with four loud, energetic brothers.

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