Sweetest Ever

This kitty cat was at the sailing center today. She's the sweetest thing ever and we're, hopefully, helping to find her a good home. So if you're in southwest Florida and in need of a good companion let me know. I'd take her home myself, but we've got our Hippo and he bites us, I have no faith in his behavior with another cat.

Phone call from oldest daughter: Are you really keeping the cat?
Me: No, why? How do you even know about the cat?
Cassie: I got a text message from Adam saying it was going to be a surprise for Ian* so I had to go pick it up.
Me: Stinking kids.

A few of the children figured that if the cat was brought to our house I'd have no choice but to keep it.

Adam eventually clarified his stance: He'd actually prefer a small dog or a $20 gift card to Target, but if he couldn't have those things he wanted the cat. I let him know that all his arguments for the cat just went out the window.

*Ian is turning 15 next week. Ian wants to drive. Ian does not want a cat, not even the sweetest cat ever. 

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  1. That's just hilarious! "Hey, happy birthday, son. Here's your present. *Dumps cat onto lap*" Ian: "Whaaaat?"