Holiday Gift Crafts - Infused Vinegar

Christmas 2011 was the year family and friends received infused vinegar sets as gifts.

I made four flavors -

Strawberry (1 jar of strawberry sundae syrup)
Mixed Berry (1 bag frozen mixed berries, pureed, 1 C sugar)
Jalapeno and Garlic (a couple large spoonfuls of minced garlic, the rest of a jar of jalapenos, drained)
Rosemary (1 spice jar of rosemary, a sprig of parsley for each bottle)

For each flavor I used 4.5 cups of vinegar. The vinegar and flavoring were brought to a boil, then cooled. When cool each flavor was placed in its own sealed container and stored in the pantry for about a week (48 hours - 2 weeks is recommended). The vinegars were then strained through a coffee filter and poured into bottles.

The bottles are Perrier bottles. A 4-pack of Perrier cost less than 4 glass bottles, came with a snazzy carrying case (I turned the cardboard wrapper inside out), and added a little novelty to the vinegars.

The vinegars can be used in marinades, on salads, veggies, or fruits, or in favorite recipes.

Cost per gift was about $6.

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