Holiday Gift Crafts - Pencil and Crayon Rolls

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I am posting a few of the holiday gift crafts I put together last year when preparing for Christmas. I couldn't post them when they were made for fear of discovery, so I am posting them now, in hopes that they'll provide gift-giving inspiration.

These pencil rolls were great for both the younger kids and the older girls. My older girls picked their own fabrics (the pink/tan and tan/red combos), at 12 and 18 they had their own very clear tastes and I knew letting them pick the fabric was safer than me doing it (especially when the 18 year old asked if I was joking when I suggested a few fabrics). The zebra/green dot was for another 18 year old niece ... I love her adoration of bright and cheery colors and patterns.

The crayon roll was for River. Perfect for a 3 year old.

The blue dot/blue combo was for my nephew. The green floral/butterfly combo was for my niece, she's not "little" but still not too big, and I thought that combination might feel more artistic and inspiring to her.

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