Checking In

Last weekend Kaden and I headed out at the crack of dawn (not really, but it was early) for a Cub Scout field trip, "mining" for gems.

The days, and evenings, lately have been jam packed with sailing, scouting, and other activities. It seems to be "that time of year". The weekends are no exception - field trips, camping, regattas, community service events. No complaints have been heard, the kids love spending time with their friends and being busy, and I love these outdoor physical activities they've gravitated towards. The communities and friendships are priceless.

Sewing is happening on a very limited basis, when I find a few minutes late at night. One of the only "new" things I've completed is this Christmas tie that River will be wearing. The fabric is so wonderful, Christmas but subtle, lots of fun unexpected colors, an intriguing retro/vintage market scene. I was smitten as soon as that bolt caught my eye.

I've added the tie to the shop as well.

I hope your days have been wonderful. To those affected by Sandy, you've been in my prayers and remain there.

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