Last Weekend

Last weekend was the weekend of the annual regatta at our sailing center. With almost 300 sailors participating this is a big deal. And so, so much fun.

Wind has been scarce lately (heat, however, much easier to find) so when there was a breeze on Friday the kids got in a final practice

 Sailing until the sun was setting

Then they were off and racing, with some real wind

Blessings for the coach boats

Making friends, finding fun

Rounding the mark (hidden behind a coach boat)

My kids had a great weekend, with exciting results all around

Monday morning they were back on the water.

Unfortunately, that storm in the back right hit before my kids got a chance to ski that day, creating a story of it's own (River and I were on a boat, anchored, taking pictures and got soaked, soaked, soaked, as did all the other kids when the storm hit). Here's to making memories.

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