Lovely Giraffe

Smiling gray and yellow giraffes with hearts? I didn't stand a chance against that. I didn't even try to resist.

If you follow Because I'm Me on facebook you've seen bits of this as it was being made. I'm so happy to be able to share the "big picture"!

For this little quilt I opted to make modified log cabin blocks, using the Michael Miller Giraffe Love print as the focal point. The log cabin part of the blocks really aren't modified, just very large with the center print being very, very large. Each of the four blocks is identical, I wanted to keep this simple and uniform.

White minky, gray Kona cotton, an Ikea print, brids, and subtle flowers surround the giraffes. The backside is solid gray and the binding is gray with white rings.

I opted to quilt this with round free-motion pebbles. Four bobbins later I was finished - I wasn't expecting it to be quite so labor intensive of a quilting project. But it's the exact look I was going for, and once it's washed the pebble texture will really show.

Special thanks to my son Ian for holding the quilt. He's been hired as my quilt holder as he's the tallest person in the house (perhaps "hired" isn't the right word, since his only pay is my thanks and appreciation).

As an aside, three of my children, including my thirteen year old daughter, are now taller than me. It happened overnight, I swear. But I've got one on them ... I outweigh each of them (life's just not fair!).

The quilt is available in the shop.

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