Have I mentioned my love affair with Amy Butler? Oh, maybe once or twice? Clearly, it isn't waning any.

This quilt began with HST's in blue/greens and pink/oranges. I let the kids play with the formed squares for hours, it was really quite mesmerizing watching the patterns emerge. Each child had very clear ideas of what they were trying to accomplish, and each was very unique - one very casual and relatively patternless, one matching up each triangle of solid pink, one making squares, another diamonds, one who thought a quilt top should be very long and narrow. They were kind of disappointed when I actually sewed the top together!

The quilt is small (36" by 43"), I'm still trying to work around the fact that I currently have no large pieces of batting. As much as I look forward to having a row of batting it's kind of fun finding ways to use what I have.

Most of the fabrics are Amy Butler prints, with a few other prints and solids tossed in for fun.

The backing fabric is an older Ikea print. The red, pink, and orange stripe was a perfect complement to the quilt top. Because the quilt is smaller I didn't need to piece the back, it's just one long length of stripe. Very nice and easy.

The quilting is done with straight lines, pink thread on the pink/red fabrics, and teal blue on the blue/green fabrics ... all done while the dishwasher repairman was working on the dishwasher for the fourth time (not that I'm counting).

This pretty little quilt is available in the shop.

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