A Cache of Complimentary Creativity

(a.k.a. a bunch of free patterns and tutorials!)

I'm on a mission to find a certain pattern for a shirt for River. While searching I have found oodles of great free patterns that I just had to share. Sharing is caring.

Enjoy, and please share links to more free patterns and tutorials in the comments!

 Burda Style offers quite a few free patterns, including the delightful dress above. The site also offers a large number of patterns for sale at a very reasonable price. I love, love, love their European twist.

 Think Liz. has compiled a great and GIGANTIC (yes, all caps kind of gigantic) list of free patterns and tutorials.

I'm in love with this free vest pattern from The Mother Huddle and will be making it for River. More tutorials here.

No Big Dill. Be inspired. Be very inspired. Katy's artistry and knowledge comes through in everything she makes ... and she shares it all. Every year she hosts Once Upon a Thread, a series dedicated to created items inspired by children's books.

I hope you enjoy these links and find something perfect for your "to do" list. I'd love to see what you create, please feel free to share!

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