Mama Made Boy Shorts

I bought this whale fabric months ago to make River some simple shorts. As is far too often the case, sewing for my own child took a back seat to sewing quilts, bow ties, and camera strap covers.

These shorts were on the "to do" list last week so it was time to tackle them head-on. I found this terrific pattern and tutorial at Growing Home and set out to make some shorts (and then some more).

In my head were longer surfer shorts, below the knee, so I lengthened the pattern by an inch.

I added topstitching to the side seams and hems and used french seams as I don't have a serger and wanted these to stand up to a year or two of everyday boy wearing and washing.

A pocket seemed like a nice idea for a three year old boy so I drafted a simple cargo pocket.  Once the pockets were discovered the hands went in and never came out. Huge success!  I will be posting the pocket pattern and a tutorial to go with it later this week.

Of course, one wasn't enough. I made River another pair, exactly the same way out of a great patchwork blue fabric I'd had for years. So long ago that I don't recall buying the fabric.

The pocket details don't show well on these, but those pockets are there. And loved.

The pictures were taken at Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

 Here are all three pairs of shorts I've made so far:

Again, tutorial on the way this week.

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2 Comment

  1. You did great! Those are some super cool shorts. :D

  2. Love your photography. What a beautiful setting!