Camera Strap Cover, Round 3


More camera straps. With ruffles.

I sew quilts, and bow ties, and crayon holders, and clothing for a little boy. Not ruffles. I don't think I've made a ruffle since ... well, I have no idea. So yeah, these ruffles were pretty darn fun for me.

I cringe to think of how much trail and error went into this strap, but it was so worth it. I love the end result. I love that ruffle.

They're in the shop.

I've decided it's time to revisit some more of my old sewing skills. Ruffles, zippers, maybe even patterns. As much as I love making quilts, and I truly do, I'm itching to try something different, see if I can remember what I learned in Home Ec. (I do remember what I learned in woodshop, maybe because it was more of a shock to my system than sewing and cooking? I made one most awesome metal dustpan, I have no idea why my parents didn't use it much ... ).

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