Quilt Blocks Again

Another swap, another block. Or two. And some goodness in my mailbox.

Civil War fabric again, and apparently that's where I stopped reading the e-mail.

I searched high and low for a "Florida" block but had little success. Then went for a traditional block and made this one (click the sneak peak to see the full image):

The tutorial for this Cross Roads block can be found here, basically the inner squares are each 3.25" and the outer squares (2), each cut into two triangles, started as 7.25".

I took my pictures, bagged my block, and went to get the address off the original e-mail.

Oh wait, I was supposed to make a specific block - a choice of three, but none of which was named Cross Roads.

Back to the drawing board (again, click the image to see the full block, can't spoil the fun for the recipient!) ...

No tutorial for this one.

I sent both.

And look, I got a new house from Cyndi:

I'm in love. And who couldn't use a new house (without an upside-down mortgage even, I think I'm now the only person in town with a house like that)? And it looks terrific with the other blocks I've received.

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