Bow ties and Etc.

More bow ties. Making these is more than a little addictive, which is perfectly fine with me. They can be found in the shop, waiting for happy new homes and little boys and young men to wear them proudly.

Each of the bow ties is available in four sizes - infant, toddler, boy, and preteen.

And each is just $13.

The other day I posted about some quilt squares I'd made. I failed to properly link to the tutorials for the squares.

Not a huge issue, but after spending last night trying to find out how to make a certain square - which turned out to be paper pieced and absolutely beautiful, but not right for the project I had at hand - and coming to "dead ends", I decided that I really should link back to the original posts so someone coming across my squares would be able to recreate them if they so chose.

The first square, the red, white and pink block, was created using a Solstice Stars tutorial at Fresh Lemon Quilts. I made the Two Colors Star, though I did adapt it a little to use fewer pieces. Her tutorials make 12.5" blocks.

The second square, a traditional block using Civil War era fabrics was found here on Civil War Quilts blog. She offers tutorials for 8" blocks so I added a coordinating border to get to a 12.5" block.

I've also edited the original post to include this information. I don't know about you, but I know I'll sleep better tonight.

I laid out all the swap blocks I've received and am very excited. I'm expecting a few more in the mail, once they arrive I'll try to share some pictures of potential layout ideas.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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