Naples Botanical Garden

I mentioned last week that we'd be going to the Naples Botanical Garden for National Garden Day, enjoying free admission. I mentioned that I was excited to be going.

And here I am back with my report.

It was worth being excited about. I cannot get over how magical, expansive, delightful this garden was. It's huge, for one thing. And busy. There's something new at every turn, it felt like no detail was spared, nothing forgotten in the creating of this special place.

The colors were divine. The plants were so special. There was an area devoted to gardening with special needs. There were herbs, the best smelling herbs I've ever encountered. Hammocks, steel drums, a labyrinth, walking paths. And a children's play area complete with water play, tree house, waterfall, scavenger hunt, butterfly house, and more.

So did we like it? A little. Just kidding, we loved it, all gave it two thumbs up, and can't wait to go back.

Warning: Far too many pictures below. I couldn't help myself. I hope you enjoy them.


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