Just Beachy

I decided to put this quilt on Etsy tonight. Then I thought I'd check and see if I ever posted about it here. Apparently not, so here we are.

I finished this quilt in February and I love it. I have no idea why I put it in the corner for so long, but it was purely unintentional. Shame on me.

The quilt is created with triangles in reds and blues. I am reminded of a beach house with the starfish, plaids, and stars in the prints. There is even a cozy red flannel thrown in to add to the casual, comfortable feel of the quilt. The white is a Kona cotton.

There's a small appliqued star on the front. It fits right in, but was purely put there out of necessity. I have no idea how, but I cut a teensy hole in the fabric. I almost gave up at that point, but thought I'd try the star first and it turned out to be a perfect solution.

The quilting stitching is done in the ditch and on either side of the seams of the where the triangles meet. I also stitched in the ditch of the sashing. On the backside eight-point stars where the triangles meet are visible, they remind of me sailors following the stars at night.

Measuring about 48" by 63" this was made to be a lap quilt. It could be used for a baby or child, of course, but I wanted a quilt to snuggle under on those evenings when the windows are open a slight breeze is blowing in.

The binding is more nautical blue starfish.

Perfect for summer. And available in the shop.

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  1. It is so pretty and would be a great quilt to display as we go through our patriotic holidays.