Getting Ready for a Rodeo


Prepping for an upcoming event, The Guardian Angels Service Dog Ranch Rodeo, being held in Labelle, FL this Saturday evening.

From the facebook event page:

"This event is to raise the funds to get Maggie Lou Hughes (9 years old) and Reagan Dollar (4 years old) each a Diabetec Alert Dog (DAD), these girls were recently diagnosed with TYPE 1 diabetes. DAD's are able to alert their owners of an impending blood sugar high or low, BEFORE IT CHANGES. These dogs are life changing additions to diabetics. It offers them a higher level of "control" on their bodies. Damage is caused to their organs when their blood sugar swings high and low, and it is cumulative over time. These very special dogs are able to minimize this long term damage and offer these girls a healthier future, and a safer today. The cost of these dogs is $20k (each) over two years. Our goal is to put a serious dent in those funds for these families.

The Ranch Rodeo will take place April 28th,7pm at the LaBelle Rodeo Grounds. Call Ins are April 23rd and 24th from 6-9pm at 863-517-1314. Events are 4D Barrels, Poles, Steer Undecorating, Team Tying, Team Roping, BULLS and Ranch Bronc Riding. This is NOT a team Ranch Rodeo, its single entry with All Around Cowboy & Cowgirl buckles. There will be slack Saturday morning.


I've never been to a rodeo. My only idea of what a rodeo is like is what I've seen on tv, so I'm super excited for this one. The kids are too, especially the boys ... go figure.

I've been prepping in high gear, lots of bow ties, the fairy rings above in school colors, and after I get off the computer I'm going to start on some key fobs and business card holders.

If you're local please join us as we support this important cause for two young local residents. IF you attend the event mention that you're a blog or facebook fan of Because I'm Me and receive 25% off you entire order.

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