Because I'm Me at The Attic Light, and Tofu

Today Because I'm Me is featured at The Attic Light, with crayon holders offered for just $8 each. My love for these crayon rolls is still going strong, they are just so dang cute, practical, and fun to make.

"Another daily deal site!?"

I know. There are quite a few of them out there. What I can tell you about The Attic Light, though, is that the person from the site who I've been working with, Devon, is the nicest, sweetest person around. The items they've offered so far are good deals, definitely worth a look around.

I follow The Attic Light on facebook and won a $10 credit last week. I used part of that credit yesterday to grab a great deal on bottle caps ... they were free - free to everyone - the credit I used just covered the minimal shipping. Gotta love that! I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but I can't wait to play. Have you made anything with bottle caps?

And now a totally different subject, with no smooth transition ...

My mother has always been an "interesting" cook. She loves to experiment and try recipes that are "creative". Sometimes she comes up with a winner, like some topped with crunched up potato chips (I was a kid, I liked simple things like potato chips). But not every culinary adventure was a success.

The most memorable "interesting" meal for me was Fish Soup. I couldn't tell you what was in it, other than bones. All I remember about the entree itself is trying to eat it and finding little fish bones throughout my fish soup. By the end of the meal I was crying, my sister was crying, and my parents were in quite the fight. So bad that my mother put on her coat and left the house (we were very upset by that, of course, but secretly a little relieved ... after all, she'd just served Fish Soup).

My mother returned home after an hour or so and hopefully we all apologized profusely to her. Fish Soup was never served again. No one has forgotten it though. It truly stands out, to me, as the worst meal of my childhood, and to this day I do not eat fish - no way, no how.

Last night I decided to make my kids Tofu Chocolate Mousse Pie.

Memories of Fish Soup flooded me as I went about making this. Would this be my Fish Soup? I wondered if this one would go so far as to blacklist me from every future "Mother of the Year" contest. But if it was good, and Mommy actually made and served dessert, my kids would adore me forever, right?

Can you see the gritty bits of chocolate? Sigh ...
It came together very well. I tasted it. Not bad. Not the same as Chocolate Mousse, but not bad. And then I got creative and added some chocolate chips to the food processor, which totally changed the texture - instead of smooth and creamy it now was smooth with little hard "sandy-ish" bits that totally killed the smooth texture it'd had before. Bad move on my part, and may have been the undoing of the dessert.

The verdict: No one cried and I didn't leave the house. The kids and I decided that Tofu Chocolate Mousse Pie was not bad (most of them ate what was on their plates), and was a taste that could be acquired, especially if you weren't comparing it to regular Chocolate Mousse Pie, but wasn't a taste we'd acquired yet, and probably wasn't something we'd make again. I think we're just to accustomed to the sweet sugariness of "typical" desserts.

Hey, we all got a healthy dose of tofu out of it, and it sure didn't taste like tofu! Overall, I was impressed.

There are other new recipes I'll be trying though, so my Fish Soup may still be out there somewhere.

update: I made the pie last night and we ate it about an hour after making it. I just now ate a sliver of the leftovers. And I swooned. I think it just needed to chill longer than I chilled it for. It's good. Very good. 

And it's gone. Very gone. (I did stop him from licking the platter clean, much to his dismay)

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