When ...

When you fix your camera,

You'll want to go outside and take pictures of the quilt you finished before the camera broke.

When you go outside your son will ask to go too.

When you say, "yes", he'll want his football.

When he has his football he'll want your attention, so he'll get in the middle of your photo session.

When you ask him to get out the picture he'll start to giggle and run and throw the football.

When his brothers see this they'll grab their footballs and come outside too.

When they come outside the three of them will throw footballs all over the yard.

When they throw footballs you'll smile and watch, and  forget to take pictures of that quilt.

 When you realize you haven't got pictures of the quilt you'll be glad you fixed your camera and can go back outside and begin again.

About the quilt:

It's a big one. Or at least not a baby sized quilt. It's about 60" tall by 48" wide, perfect for a lap quilt or bigger boy quilt.

I ordered some of the fabrics for this from Connecting Threads. It was the first time I'd purchased from this company and I was very pleased with the quality - it's not super high-end, but still very good for the price.

The zig-zags are quilted with kind of a square/rectangular/geometric pattern, lots of stright lines with loose right angles. The white sashing is quilted with straight lines, following the zig-zag path.

This one will be available in the shop as soon as I get it listed. First, another game of football.

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