Weirdest Conversation

bowling balls at the orange grove

Ran into Joann Fabrics on New Year's Day for one particular fabric (the binding in this quilt). Of course, they didn't have that fabric but they did have a few clearance fabrics at just the right price.

I get to the front of the line and the gal starts cutting my fabric ... (this isn't the exact words, but close ... ):

Her: So, did you go outside and watch the sky at midnight?

Me: No, we didn't make it outside.

Her: Well, we did. And when we got outside we saw two red lights going up into the sky. They were going much too high to be fireworks and one was moving in our direction. It were moving too fast for the telescope so we looked at it through binoculars, and it said "USA" on it. It was very loud too. One was moving south and one was moving west. I called ABC News and they didn't know anything about it but said they'd call me back if they found out anything.

Me: Oh, wow.

Her: They called back at 3:30 am, it's ok we were still up playing poker, and said they knew what the things were but couldn't discuss it because it was a matter of national security. I called FOX news and they said, also, that it was a matter of national security so they couldn't discuss it.Well, that sure tells me what was going on.

Me: Yes, wow.

Her: We're not the only ones who saw it. It's all over Facebook. Of course it's bombs, and they were shooting them off at midnight to hide behind the fireworks and noise of New Year's Eve. And then I hear there's an earthquake in Japan this morning, which could have been from a missile landing in the water.

Me: Oh my (yeah, I'm a big talker).

Her: Here you go. Have a wonderful New Year!

See - Weirdest Conversation. At least the weirdest conversation I've ever had at a fabric store.

I have to admit it was a little unnerving. Especially after reading about Iran and their missile testing on New Year's Eve. My guess is either missile testing or wonderful lady at the cutting counter just wasn't thinking clearly that afternoon!

Bowling balls at the orange grove is not relevant, just odd.

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