yes, that's my son

I am spending this week running around like a crazy chicken with my head cut off (lovely expression, right?). Yes, it's only Monday, but I'm planning to spend the week being busy getting dizzy (Nothing At All, a favorite around here).

The sale at Very Jane was quite successful and great for getting my "Because I'm Me" name out there. Of course, the items that sold the most were the ones I had the least fabric for, so I've spent the last few days running all over town and scouring the internet for replacement fabric. Challenging, but exciting at the same time. Most of this week will be spent cutting and stitching oodles of crayon and pencil rolls, then packaging them as pretty as I can (I'm not a paper craft person) and shipping them out.

I've three quilts in the works. Photos to come. I've developed a strange love for triangles. I didn't see that one coming, but I'm having a great time coming up with all sorts of new fabric triangle configurations.

Craft show in Alva Saturday. First craft show in years. I'm not ready. Nope, not one bit. Well, maybe one bit but not so much more than that. But I'm so excited to have the chance to do some networking and get out and talk to adults!

The whole little point here is that I've got posts brewing in my head and I want to get them on paper, but that probably won't happen this week.

Have yourself a wonderful week. Can you believe it's February 2012 is upon us on Wednesday?

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