Crayon and Pencil Rolls / Holders

I made a few roll-up crayon and pencil holders as gifts this year and they were very well received. And the rolls were so much fun to make. So I made a few more. And then a few more. And then I stopped. To catch my breath.

They are so fun, so fun, you see (little Green Eggs and Ham reference). I'm heading the sewing machine to put a few more together.

Crazy new obsession.

More practical notes ...
  • these travel really well, once rolled up the crayons and pencils don't slip out
  • River, at age 3, very easily puts his crayons in the holder and takes them back out himself
  • I've made many of the crayon rolls with elastic and button closures so it's easier for little fingers to secure it themselves, and all new ones will be made that way (if you order a crayon roll it'll come with an elastic closure)
  • all the pencil roll fabrics are designed to be used by kids of all ages, even grown-ups ... no childish prints there
  • the less feminine pencil rolls also close with a button and elastic, guys don't usually want ribbon
  • each holds 12 crayons or pencils (or markers, or paintbrushes)

 Available in the shop (in more styles than shown here - yup, I'm that excited about these).

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3 Comment

  1. Love the fabric choices you used too.

  2. Could you share a tutorial of the cute backpack you made? He looks so cute wearing it. I'd love to try to make one myself even though I have not done any sewing in 20 years. Thanks for any help you can give.

  3. Rita, I'm working on it! I have a hard time putting my directions into words, but I'll make it happen. :)