And I thought Christmas had Passed

The mailman has been bringing me the best things lately. You'd think Christmas season was still upon us.

I recently received this gorgeous hand-dyed fabric from Laura at Laura's Art on the Run that I won through Quilting Bloggers Blog Hop Giveaway. I'm not convinced I'll ever be able to cut into it, it's so pretty.

Also arriving via snail mail was my January block for Block Swap Adventures, made by Tiffany at Pinks Sweet Treats. Isn't it pretty? I was smiling BIG while I opened the block.

Oddly, both packages arrived from Wisconsin. As did a third package that came today, with a free Poise sample (HUH? why did I get this?) from Kimberly-Clark (actually, it might not have come from Wisconsin, but they used to be based near my home town in WI). Two great packages, and a weird one, from the state with the best football team ever. How cool is that?    (Go Pack Go)

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2 Comment

  1. Hey;) just mailed you a pk from you know where;)!

  2. I love the first two, but can pass on the Poise!!! LOL