What do Santa's Little Helper's Learn in School? The Elf-abet

In the last three days I've:

Sewn one crayon roll and two pencil rolls, similar to this. Why did it take me so long to get on this train? They look great, are practical, and were really simple. I expect I'll be making more very soon.

Bleached one t-shirt, like this. Actually, I bleached two, but the first one I'd have to say "bleached the crap out of and tossed into the trash". Use bleach in moderation.

Infused vinegar with various flavors. And forced the children to drink Perrier so I could use the bottles for newly infused vinegar. Only 8 Perrier to go, I'm sure the kids will acquire a taste for it soon.

Left to do is:

Label soon to be empty Perrier bottles and holders (the 4-pack holders can be turned inside out and are then an empty slate for labeling). First, I must learn how to label things so the labels look good and stay on.

Lightly bleach or paint two more shirts. I've printed a handful of coupons and am heading to Hobby Lobby for supplies.

Sew one tote bag.

Sew one zippered duffel bag. First, I must learn how to sew with a zipper. Haven't done that in a million years, why not two weeks before Christmas?

Make two more pencil rolls.

Finish a quilt.

And I can't forget to share:

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