Weekly Shopping Plan Sunday

I'm constantly asked how I get by with a very tiny grocery budget. It's not easy, that's for sure, but there are some little tips and trips that ease the challenge and, when it comes down to it, it's exciting to watch the grand total go down, down, down.

There are great blogs out there that will guide one through grocery and drug store deals. I use them and couldn't do without them.

I am going to attempt to share bits of my weekly shopping plans with you, on Sunday (not Tuesday, though it certainly appears to be Tuesday now). Please link to yours in the comments.

CVS $0 out of pocket
Reach Toothbrush 2 pack $3.99, $2 ECB (limit 1), $2 coupon
Gallon Milk $3.79

** Will use $2 pledge ECB (no longer available but expired Monday), also have $11 ECB from shopping last week. I am buying the milk to use the expiring $2 ECB, we always need milk and that's a good way to get a deal on it. Today ECB's from quarterly shopping should print, giving me another $2.50 to use over the next few weeks. Some customers have also received a $5 ECB at the in-store printer ... that would be really nice! Total out of pocket will be close to $0 for this trip, and with the quarterly ECB's printing I should break even on ECB's.

This is a small CVS trip ... some weeks are, some aren't. My goal is to pay nothing for most things. We're actually down to 2 extra toothbrushes so this is a good week to buy these, but even if we weren't in need this is what I'd buy, the goal is to stock when items are free (not crazy extreme couponing stocking - just what we'd normally use in a reasonable amount of time).

Unfortunately, there isn't anything on sale at Publix this week that flips my skirt, so I may just skip that trip. Their ad comes out here on Thursday, but I shop at the beginning of the week so I will still post the deals I find appealing then.

In addition to CVS I'll shop at the bread outlet ($.88 per loaf), Sam's Club for fruit and a few things, and my local produce market for veggies.

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  1. Hi, I live in the Cape and was wondering where you go for your fresh veggies? I would love to have some fresh veggies in the house.