Here and There

I'm patiently waiting for the rain to abate so I can take and post some pictures of another patchwork quilt, finished over the weekend while hanging out in the woods with the cub scout pack. Nice breeze, bits of sun, great conversation, good food, a relaxing lounge chair ... not a bad venue for quilt binding.

A last (for now) patchwork quilt is getting it's binding stitched, though my aging eyes (crap, I'm only 45) would appreciate a little more natural light to ease that task. I cannot believe how bad my up-close eyesight is getting, and how quickly it's getting bad. I think reading glasses are a necessity.

These two quilt blocks were sent out as part of Block Swap Adventure. I sent them out mid-last week so they should have been received by now. These were such a pleasure to make, I hope they meet the needs of the recipients.

Because I'm Frugal is so exciting! After years of watching and scrutinizing every penny spent it's nice to be able to share what I've learned. The feedback has been wonderful, so far. Your support in spreading the word that the site is there is most appreciated. Look for give-aways in November both here at Because I'm Me and there at Because I'm Frugal.

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