Just Like a Cheez-It ... but Better

recipe: here

Butter, cheese, flour, salt, and a smidgen of red pepper flakes and milk. And they taste like a Cheez-It, which is rather amazing after reading the not-exactly-food ingredients in a Cheez-It.

I cut mine shorter than the original poster did. I'm feeding toddlers, it made sense.

Were I to make them When I make them again I will roll them thinner as they are nice and rich, I will try wheat flour (after a nasty weevil invasion a few years ago I've limited our flour supply to only what fits in the freezer and don't have wheat flour, neither does my local WalMart where I went shopping last night), and I'll try adding parmesan cheese.

Are they "healthy"?  I suppose not ... cheese and butter aren't the best things. Are they healthier than a package of Cheez-Its? Seems to me they can't help but be. As an occasional snack I think they're a great addition to my recipe file.

Are they cost effective? Dang it, not so much. My end product was just over 8 oz. (we ate a few before they got weighed ... couldn't help it, I ate a few while taking the above picture too ... couldn't help it) and I figured my approximate cost was just under $2. Not bad, but not as wonderful as crock pot yogurt.

I see so many perfect occasions for these ... like every time the kids come to me needing an event snack - in an hour.

If you try these I'd love to hear about your experience.

I've other crafts to write about but must take some pictures first.

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