Pocketful of White

Most of the kids are on vacation with their father for over a week, thus a perfect opportunity to paint something was presented.

The living room and dining room have been on my list of things to paint for a really long time. Light gray with a hint of blue is the color I've had in mind for at least a year now. And I've looked and looked for just the right color, and they're all either too purple, too gray, too green, too yellow, too blue, too dark, too light ... just not quite right.

Cassie and I went to WalMart* and we agreed on a lovely color. It really is lovely. It's called "Pocketful of White", which we determined to be the perfect blue-gray. For some reason neither of us were swayed by the name "Pocketful of White". Hmm.

I was also not detered when the gentleman at the paint counter opened the can to show me the mixed color and it looked ... white. Because, of course, paint never dries the color it looks, right? (The paint in the can was fairly glaringly white.).

Painted the first wall. Hmm ... Well, let's keep going and see how it looks when it dries.  Painted some more. Hmm... Well, let's keep going and see how it looks when the color can bounce off the walls, I'm sure then it'll be blue-gray. Kept going until the room was painted. Hmm ... Well, after we paint the trim the contrast will make the blue-gray pop. Painted the trim.

Huh.  It's a shade of white. So THAT'S why it's called "Pocketful of White".

It's not gray with a hint of blue. But it's perfect. I cannot, for the life of me, remember what the shade of blue-gray I wanted to paint it looked like. *This* is just the right color. It's crisp, clean, light, airy, simple, and still warm and inviting.

The color is 2 parts black, 1/2 part dark blue, and 1/2 part magenta. Pretty much it looks white with a hint of blue, but when the light hits it right the magenta shows a little, and when the light hits it slightly differently it looks a little gray.

The shelves in the living room are now filled with mostly personal items. The non-personal items can be changed out when the kids come home. Some of the artwork is attached to the wall with sewing pins. Such a rule breaker I am.

Pretend the stroller isn't in the middle of the above picture (it's in the entryway, the front door is to the right just off the picture). Or accept it. That's kind of where it goes.  The bookshelves in the dining area are there for schoolwork.

That dining table seats eight normally and up to 12+ when the ends are pulled out. Our kitchen table is the same size. Shopping for those was interesting. I'd tell a salesperson I needed a "large" table and he'd show me one for 6 that could expand to seat 8 (because that was bigger than a table for 4). I'd say I needed one that always seated 8 and THEN expanded and he'd show me another one that could seat 6. There are 7 of us when we have no one joining us. Sigh.

While the stroller does live in this space the vacuum cleaner cord does not. Nothing like staging a picture. I wish I had a better image of the picture on the bookshelf. It's an old Picasso print that was in my bedroom when I was a child. It is now yellowed with age, but again I love that it's personal.

*Please note that I recommend not using the cheapest WalMart paint. It didn't cover well at all. Next time I'll use something else.

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