Into the Woods

little man, big woods

breakfast in the rain, NOTHING stands in the way of a good hot meal

There was also plenty of sun, enough to swim and boat, and allow the kids to soak each other with squirt guns. Between rain showers there was a campfire, lots of good food and talking, and wild exploring of the woods.

And what a great opportunity to remember that next time we need to seal our tent seams. Very well. And we learned that our sleeping bags are wonderfully waterproof ... even with huge water droplets falling inches from our faces we stayed warm and dry (can't say the same for our gear ... but nothing that couldn't be saved).

I'm finding that I like camping.  I like the peace and quiet, the slowing of time, and the lack of outside distraction. I'm not ready to say I like the heat, or the bugs, or the rain, or the dirt ... and I'm 99.9% sure I'll never like that stuff, but it's all worth the rewards.

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