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If you've come here via Money Saving Mom, thanks for stopping in to visit. Please make yourself comfy and have a look around.

If you're not familiar with my post the other day on Money Saving Mom here's a link to it. I shared a story of how I motivated the kids to help lower our electric bill (truth is, I bribed them).

Thank you to Money Saving Mom for posting my story!

In honor of that post and the visitors from that site I thought I'd link to some of my favorite "homemade" alternatives to more expensive store bought products, especially as they've worked so well for me.

Without further ado (drumroll please):

Microwave Popcorn (head to the bottom of  the post)
Crock Pot Yogurt
Laundry Soap

I promise that all of these are really easy and work wonderfully.

And here's a post  I wrote a few years ago about consigning/reselling your gently used clothing and other items, written after owning a children's resale store for 9 years (I miss that store!)

For more money saving ideas click on "saving money" in the right hand column under labels.

So what else can I tell you?  What other things - money saving, parenting, home schooling, child care, budgeting, organizing, sewing, or whatever has you curious - would you like to know?  Ask away and I'll do my best to answer.

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  1. I just wanted to say hi! I did read your article on money saving mom. I am now a subscribed reader to you. I looked through your page the other day and thought that it would be a good blog to continue thank you!

  2. Hi, I also came over from MSM. I tried to make the yogurt yesterday, but after adding the starter and letting it sit for 9 hrs, it was still the consistency of milk. I recovered & wrapped it and left it overnight on the counter for another 9 hrs overnight (18 hrs total). This morning it was thicker and more like yogurt. Is it still safe to eat? I don't want to make my kids sick.