Block Swap 2

Next round of the Block Swap Adventure swap.

First attempt:

 I found one image of this block online, no name for it, no pattern, no idea what size to make any of the pieces.  So this was the first attempt, and clearly not quite right. I got the triangle sizes correct, but overall the block was too big and I didn't start with a true octagon so the center is a wonky mess.

Second attempt:

Better, but the larger triangles are too small so the last side ended up way off. Just not quite the look I was going for. There are a few other issues with it as well, enough that I realized that without any piece sizes I'd be working at this for a very long time before getting it right.

Final product:

Ha! Sorry, can't reveal the details yet, but it's nothing like the first two. While I'd have loved for those to have turned out I'm very happy with what I went with in the end.  I hope my star-seeking partner will like it as well.

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2 Comment

  1. Thank you for stopping by Jody. I just spent some time looking and reading. I loved your quilt pieces. I wish I could do that but I can't even get do a patch work quilt and have nice corners. I love my digital camera, I can take 10 pictures to get one great one. I love the flowers, I think a tiny hand handing you the flowers would of made a great photo too.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  2. Hey, I came over from BSA and wanted to say I really like this block. I saw something similar online but am not brave enough to make a pattern on my own. Yours looks curious to see the finished block.