Window Shopping

We had an hour to kill last night so the kids and I popped into Anthropologie to get our fill of decadent eye candy.

After we left I suggested to Cassie (who spent most of the visit saying, "I want to work HERE, I want to work HERE.") that you really have to go in there armed with a notepad and pencil to take notes, everything is so special and unique it's hard to retain more than a tiny fraction of what's passed from the eye to the mind. So many wonderful sewing ideas gathered just by looking at the aprons. And the clothes, oh my. Oh, and check out these chandeliers

For some, the water feature was the best thing in the store.
The entire store is just such a treat.

The shopping plaza we were browsing our way through is very beautiful, very modern and sterile (not the least bit organic to me ... urban comes to mind) but beautiful still with wonderful water features throughout. I'd hoped to get some pictures of the kids with my "better" camera but, surprise(!), the battery was dead. I snapped the photos above with a smaller camera I keep in my purse. I had no idea there were 100+ images already on that camera, one of which, to my happy surprise, was the photo below, taken by Mia.

A glimpe of "real life" at home ... a photo taken with me taking a photo of Adam making cookies. :)

Bidding on the QLD Flood Auction Quilt is going wonderfully.  Truly everyone, thank you for your generous support and keep bidding!

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  1. OMG! Cassie looks just like you! What a lucky young lady to have inherited such great genes.