Second Attempt

pleated bag round 2

Round 2 of the pleated bag.

Loving this one more than the first. I'll use this one, probably regularly. But ... it's still not quite what I had in mind, so a 3rd attempt is resting somewhere in the back of my mind, waiting for me to get a second (or third?) wind.

This little bugger caused me all sorts of trouble. I forgot to interface the pleated fabrics. I used an incorrect number of fabrics for the pleats so the ends are wonky looking (it's not super noticeable, but noticeable). I cut the end pieces incorrectly and had to resew all the pleats on one side. I cut the lining wrong and had to start over with new fabric. Oh, and I forgot that I was going to scoop the top and didn't use as much brown fabric as I'd intended to. Just one of those projects where you realize you have to second and third guess your every move.

But it's done and, overall, I'm quite pleased and happy.

pleated bag round 2, detail

What I like about it:
  • the fabrics, mostly Chez Moi and Ikea fabrics
  • the pleat idea
  • the size - it's small, but just right for me
  • the scoop at the top
  • the inside Ikea fabric and the interior design

pleated bag round 2, inside

What I don't love about it:
  • the pleats are wider than the first bag, and I like the look of them in the first bag better
  • the pleats seem rigid, probably from pressing, which can be fixed with steaming
  • I stitched too far down when making the pleats, I'd like them to be open all the way to the seams (pink fabric)
  • I'd like the top more scooped

pleated bag round 2

What do you think?

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2 Comment

  1. I love everything about it! The fabrics are beautiful. I really really use my purse so I'd opt for a medium to dark color for the inside so it wouldn't show the soil or wear so much. Your work is fabulous!