Of tents and illnesses and popcorn and a rug for your mug

And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust

Another week, that is.

I've (finally?) realized that the weekdays are just plain busy.  Between home school, childcare, and running a family I just don't have the free time I'd like to have. most days it's hard to find time to use the restroom.  And to post more I need more free time and more crafting (or at least something to post about).  And to craft more I need more free time. The solution is to either drop everything and sew or to sew when I can and post when I can.  I'm thinking the latter might be more practical. Practical rarely seems to be the fun choice, huh? Ah well, that's the way it goes.

Target has some camping and sports stuff at 75% off.  Little kids tents and ball pit-type stuff too. I scored.  Good thing too, as I'm going camping.  Because that seems fun and relaxing. Yup, me and 6 kids in the wilderness. Heaven help the rest of the campers. Any "must have" suggestions would be most appreciated.  Currently I have a tent, some sleeping bags, and no idea how I'm going to get a 2 year old to sleep.  That's about it. Thankfully we'll only be out in the wild for one night - good for initiation, or whatever they call it.

I have signed up for a "mug rug" swap.  The practicality of a mug rug eludes me, but the opportunity to create a 10" by 6" micro-mini quilt entices me very much.

The last two days have been spent cuddling and snuggling with my whiny littlest son.  He has a cold/bug/low grade fever and has been feeling quite under the weather.  He's also male, and, I'm afraid typical:
In his defense, he watched Thomas the Tank Engine reruns, not old cartoons and bad sitcoms. I'm hoping he'll be on the mend really, really soon so we can get back to the important business of jumping and running.

Oh, and the last bit of excitement around here this week was finally making homemade microwave popcorn. The bag of regular old popcorn was about $1.80 at WalMart and will make about 20 servings ... at a cost of $.09 per bag.  Orville Redenbocher can't touch that. And it's easy peasy ... like so easy I'm smacking myself in the forehead hard for not doing it sooner.

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