I received an e-mail about this site, Money Minded Moms, the other day and then was reminded of it when I read this blog post by Northern Cheapskate. I wanted to pass the information along as I know many of us are concerned about our current, and future, financial situations.

The site was founded by Suze Orman.  I don't follow her closely but do have a book she wrote (got it for $.99 on a clearance rack at Walgreens) and I think she makes sense.

I've glanced at the site and it appears to have a lot of valuable information - ideas for investing, saving money, teaching good money skills to kids, and so on. There's also a debt eliminator tool available.  I can't really say it's information you can't find elsewhere, but it's always good to have the resources you need all in one place. There are also message boards, I like that.

If you enter your e-mail address you will receive "11 Things Money Minded Moms Should do in 2011".

Joining is free, so it seems to me it's certainly worth taking a look.

Here's an intro from Suze Orman, founder of the site:

That’s why I created the MoneyMindedMoms community – a safe place where you can interact with other like-minded moms that want to tackle their money issues through knowledge and support.

I’ve also assembled a sharp team of contributors that will be sharing valuable information on all sorts of money-related topics -- from smart saving and investing to tips that will help you stretch every dollar.  

Together, we can achieve the peace of mind that comes when you stop worrying about money and free yourself up to focus on the things that really matter. 

Let me know what you think.

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