As you plan your holiday gala menus here are a few suggestions for the kids table from the Young Children's Mix and Fix Cook Book (1950's).

If your shindig is a brunch this Cinnamon Toast will be a sure hit.

Just 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar per piece of bread! Why so skimpy?

And a few desserts, good any time of the day, I'm sure.

This one didn't print very clearly, but it's an easy party treat ... a doughnut (glazed, perhaps? or creme filled?), topped with ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce, and any kind of nuts you're allowed to have (because the rest of that stuff put together will receive every Mother's seal of approval.).

Just in case you really aren't allowed to have those pesky nuts ... a doughnut, topped with ice cream, candy corn, and gumdrops.  That's better, right Mom?

 And to think ... I was looking for a kid-friendly zucchini recipe.

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