Decadent Toffee Recipe

This is the most awesome wonderfully easy stuff to make with just a few simple ingredients.

My mother passed the recipe along in 2004 (I know that because it's written on my list of cookies made for that year) and we've made it every holiday season since then, and usually more than once.

Word of warning though, it might just be a teensy weensy bit unhealthy or fattening or something.  Which is why I only make it at Christmas.

Imitation Heath Bar Toffee

1 lb. butter
2 C. sugar
1/2 C. water
1 t. salt

Combine above ingredients in reasonably large pot.  Don't use your best pot, the pot won't be super easy to clean when you're finished, but do make sure it's a tall enough pot. The one I use is a 3 qt. pot.

Bring to boil, stirring constantly to 300'.  I wear on oven mitt while doing this, it will splatter and it's hot enough to leave little burn marks like I had in 2004.  I also keep a damp cloth near me so I can wipe up the splatters while they're still liquid. You really need a candy thermometer while cooking ... the recipe will heat to about 220' very quickly, then slow down, and then right at the end heat quickly to 300' so don't become discouraged if it's taking a little while.  The mixture will change from light butter yellow to golden yellow and thicker, to dark gold and even thicker and less splattery, to finally medium-dark brown. This is where the candy thermometer really comes in handy, as it's easy to think it's done before it is ... even you pour it too soon it'll still be quite tasty, but chewier.

Immediately pour onto cookie sheet. I use a cookie sheet with sides, but have done it with a regular cookie sheet too.  I also keep stirring while I pour as the bottom of the pan tends to burn a little at this step.

16 oz. chocolate chips

Sprinkle with chips and spread them out as they melt.

Let cool in fridge.

Cut or break into pieces.  A combination of both seems to work perfectly, and leaves lots of little crumbs for the cook to "taste test".

To clean the pan, stirring spoon, and thermometer I add water to the pan and bring it to a boil again, letting all the leftover sugary buttery goodness melt. The pan may still need a good cleaning (I soak it in a little water and dish detergent) but the other utensils should be super easy to clean.

I can't even begin to tell you how good this is ... but perhaps the combination of sugar, butter, and chocolate speaks for itself. This is one of two "cookies" my kids ask for every Christmas.

I also can't begin to tell you how much of this I've already eaten today, at least not without being really embarrassed.



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8 Comment

  1. I found your link on Money Saving Mom, and just made this recipe. It is delicious! I'd intended it for the goody baskets I'm making to give out, but I don't think I'm going to be able to hide it from the family that long.

    Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  2. Thanks for the recipe! I am going to try it right now...I don't have a candy thermometer, so wish me luck! Sounds so yummy and easy! I also found you on a link through Money Saving Mom!

  3. I made this tonight and have a candy thermometer - mine didn't come out nearly as dark as yours. I cooked it to 301 (I always test my thermometer in boiling water before making candy as a few degrees can make a huge difference if it's off - today it was 1 degree)'s still very, very delicious. :) Just more of a dark golden color.

    Thanks for the recipe! I also found you through Money Saving Mom. :)

  4. I found your link on Money Saving Mom, too! I made this today and it's sooo delicious! Mine was more golden, but still the perfect consistency and crunch. Thanks for the new tradition!

  5. I made it this morning after I found it on MSM. Mine is wonderfully "crunchy" and easy to break apart, but something about the taste seems "off." It is super rich and almost tastes like espresso. Does that make sense? I think my candy thermometer is fine, but it seemed super super rich. My kids couldn't handle the taste. I was so excited to make it. Any ideas what I did wrong???

  6. I think I may have cooked it too long. It tastes kinda burnt. BOO. Maybe I need a new thermometer.

  7. Mandy, I was going to suggest that it might have been cooked too long. After reading the other posts I think I will check the temperature of my thermometer against boiling water (LOVE that idea!) next time and go from there. Sorry it didn't work for you. :(

  8. No problem! I am excited to try it again sometime to see what went wrong. The consistency is fabulous. It's just the flavor that's a little "off." I am gonna try the boiling water thing too and see what happens!