Road trip today.

05 002
Where did we go? Are you jealous?

05 003
Um yeah, this guy lives at the rest stop/gas station off of I75 at mile marker 50, off of Alligator Alley in the Florida Everglades. Had I put River on the ground he'd have been able to reach through the fence and touch this guy ... needless to say I held him tightly, very tightly.

05 004
His younger, more active friend. These alligators are very tame, I'm sure they're well fed by tourists - this is a big no-no (and illegal), feeding them causes them to lose their fear of humans which makes them much braver and more dangerous.

05 009
I love the pointing man.

05 016
The police substation. Those tall things are swamp buggies. I adore that the police have swamp buggies (seriously though, I'm sure they use them ... they travel really well through the swamps of the everglades - handy when chasing drug smugglers and the like).

05 018
Swamp buggy graveyard.

05 018
Swamp buggies are serious business around here and have been for a long time.

We also saw a Florida panther today.  A little guy insanely cute (he still had spots), but with really really big paws!  Hopefully he'll learn to stay away from roads soon.

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