Christmas Crafts

Below are a few of the art projects we made with the toddlers this week. Both the projects are super easy and were very well received by the parents.

handprint Christmas tree
 Hand print Christmas trees with fingerprint ornaments.

To make the hand prints I paint the kids' hands, rather than placing them on paint, and then carefully place them on the paper. With the younger kids (up to 18 months or so) I place their hands slowly onto the paper starting with the fingertips, for some it seems to tap into a reflex or desire to flatten their hands. After the tree dried the kids dipped their fingers into paint and put the ornaments on.

pinecone ornaments
Pine cone ornaments.

The little ones collected the pine cones themselves and looked absolutely adorable loading them into their bucket.  They learned that most of the big cones were "pokey" and hurt a bit, while the small ones were much more user friendly. Back home they painted glue on the ends and then poured the glitter on. I then tied the ribbon onto the top. Names and date went on the bottom.

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