2011 Goals

No resolutions this year, just some goals (seems more doable and less rigid to me).

1. Continue to work to create a financially manageable home (lots of couponing, penny pinching, etc.).

2. Become comfortable sewing with zippers. I'd intended to do this by today, but that didn't happen so I'll give it another year.

3. Increase Because I'm Me business.

4. Take a class. Any class.

5. Smile and laugh a lot.

6. Commit to a color and repaint my living room.

7. Find a way to get the kids traveling a bit.

8. Learn how to apply make up (on me ... I don't wear it, have no clue).

9. Plant and grow a vegetable garden.

10. Be the best Mama I can be for my kiddos.

11. Have a happy, healthy home.

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