Owls and Sofas

owl strip quilt front

Nice, simple, large, boyish little quilt.  A couple of Amy Schimler prints, a Golden Books print that I'm crazy in love with (and have none left of), and a nice red and black leaf print.

owl strip quilt detailThis quilt started with a completely different idea, something similar to this quilt but with a large owl applique, and evolved into the finished product that it is.  One of the joys of quilting, and sewing in general, is the delightful ability to change one's mind at almost any point in the process, revising the process and product to suit one's fancy.

The backside coordinates with the front, using excess fabrics as well as a mottled gold print.  The quilting is done with big loose random stippling stitches in red.

This one is generously sized for a baby quilt, measuring about 40" by 45", good size for a toddler bed or floor quilt. (Or as a throw for the back of my living room sofa.)

owl strip quilt backside

About the sofa ... I love white.  A lot. And I do home childcare and have six kids of my own.  My mother has spent years trying to tell me how impractical white is in my house. But I like white so much that I convince myself that I can make it work (and usually do ... after all, all you need to keep white woodwork clean is a magic eraser).

owl strip quiltThis sofa, and it's matching love seat, are from Ikea and are slip covered pieces (bought in their closeout room for a fraction of the new cost). My thinking when purchasing them was (1) they're white, I love white, so yippee for me, (2) they're slip covered, I'll just wash them as needed, and (3) I'll just keep a really good eye on everyone and of course there will be no problems whatsoever. And with that I skipped merrily to the checkout lane (purchasing them and getting them home is a post in itself ... a long and entertaining adventure that was!).

The two pieces were originally in the family room, where we "live", where the tv is, where the toys are, where the little ones spend their days and the big kids spend their evenings. And where I was jolted out of dreamland and reminded of the reality that comes with white fabric and my real life.

I've since moved the sofa to the living room, where we seldom hang out, and the majority of the love seat is now covered with a quilt.  Between dirty bare Florida feet, toddlers, potty training, and who knows what else my lovely white furniture wasn't looking so good ... and I'd had it less than two months.  I've washed the seats and backs once already, and they look ok, but not as good as they first did.  Thankfully, the love seat cover was only $11 and I have a spare ... the sofa, on the other hand, will be replaced with a patterned or darker cover when the time comes.

So, yes, it's possible that my mother might have been a little bit right.  :) And she does read my blog and will thoroughly enjoy the satisfaction this will bring her.

owl strip quilt

(It looks crooked and uneven on the sides?  I know, it's the photographer, not the quilt. She (I) works cheap.)

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3 Comment

  1. Lovely quilt. Absolutely gorgeous.


    -Samya :-)

  2. I love your quilts! They're so quirky and fun! :)

  3. Love the quilt! How cute. Our furniture isn't white, but it's really light in color. It was looking awful so I ordered custom slip covers. So far so good, but I have to get the separate seat cushions made. I'm already sick of tucking!