Miss Jody had a froggie ...

And it's eye popped off.

 (dramatic version of image, imagine tongue hanging to side)

And then ...

 Look! Happy New Froggie!

When I had my store, Ditto Kiddo, we sold Melissa and Doug products.  I love, love, love their stuff.

Our frog was a leftover from our store ... along with a lot of other toys River and his friends have enjoyed.

One fateful day one little eye of the frog was found rolling around on the carpet. Kind of creepy. On the way to the trash can with frog and eye I remembered Melissa & Doug's awesome warranty and decided to give them a call.

They didn't care that we'd owned the frog for over two years (it hadn't been out of the package that long, but we'd still owned it that long). They immediately offered to replace it, which they did within two weeks of me calling them.

I am now the happy owner of a two-eyed smiling frog.

A few notes:
- There are a lot of Melissa and Doug deals available right now, easily googled (the Melissa & Doug website is offering free shipping on orders of $30 or more) for at least 1/2 off of many products
- It has been two years since I looked into this but they have a great safety record
- As a Mom, teacher, and former retailer I highly recommend their products

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