Hair Day

Baby hair ... with a mind of it's own.

I cut River's hair myself.  It was his second haircut ... for the first one my mother snipped straight across the back, once, and we called it a day. I was so nervous that I'd screw up his haircut that I put off doing it for as long as I could, but the time came when he really did need a trim.

For this cut I got out the clippers and followed the tutorial I found through Beth's blog, In the Key of Life.  I didn't actually follow the tutorial closely but used the general idea to just cut the back up to his ears.  I cannot recommend watching the tutorial highly enough ... so much better to pay a few bucks for a set of clippers and guides at Walmart than to shell out $15 every 2 months on professional haircuts (which I tend to have to "fix" anyway).

Amazingly, to me anyway, River sat still through the haircut.  I was expecting a real challenge but he seemed to enjoy it, staying still when I asked him to and moving when told.

After I cut it at the kitchen table I gave him a bath and trimmed the rest there, just evening out the sides and around the ears.  Even in the tub he did exactly as I asked him to, making the process much easier for me.

As I've already stated, I only cut the back and bottom ... I take no responsibility for what the top is doing here. Perhaps he's channeling a little Nicholas Cage from Valley Girl?

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