First thing Monday morning I deleted all unread items from my Google Reader.  It wasn't easy, I knew I was going to miss a lot of awesome posts ... but I also knew the chances of actually sitting down and going through the thousands of unread blog posts was none (was going to say "slim to none" but that was way too unrealistic).

The exciting part, though, is that for the last few days I've been to click on "all items" and actually see every post that come through.  It's so exciting to read messages from bloggers I haven't been able to follow or keep up with in ages (years, for some) and at least feel like I'm "touching base" with them and their world.

I have a handful of personal finance and money saving blogs that I do keep up with regularly, they are my lifeline to financial sanity and savings, it's the craft blogs I've had to neglect.  Being able to glance through the new posts has given me so many great ideas and inpirations, I really feel revived.

Apparently, about 200 posts come through my Google Reader every day so there's no chance I'll be able to continue to stay on top of this, but while I can I'm loving it.

P.S. - I just recently started using Google Reader, so this may not be new and exciting to anyone else, but it is to me!

Another P.S. - The images bear no relevance to the rest of the post, nor were they taken by me (taken by one of my kids).

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  1. I use Google Reader too, and I have sorted all my blogs into categories, so I have a category for quilting that has 100 blogs in it, a category for general craft that has about 30 blogs in it, a category for food that has about 10 blogs in it, a category for finance that has about 10 blogs in it etc... I have about 15 different category. Every blog I add to my reader gets put into a category. Then I will often only read one or 2 categories consistently, 3-4 I will scan through the titles of the entries as a group in the category, and generally with the rest I will just mark the whole category as read every couple days or so. I love this method because it allows me to mark the categories that I don't really care about keeping up with daily (like my category on the Kindle) as read, while still keeping the ones I know I want to get to (like quilting) as unread. I probably get close to 200 blog posts a day too, but I would say well over 3/4 of these are in categories I don't keep up with everyday anyway, so they just get marked as read. I hope that makes sense!! I don't want to get rid of those other blogs, as I do like to check in every so often, but this method works well for me.