"There were plenty of coupons I wasn’t using, so I decided to spend $3 each week buying a few things for my local food bank. I still remember that feeling of thankfulness that I wasn’t a single mom struggling to provide for my child. I can’t imagine how helpless a mom in that situation feels. So here’s how I can help, even on my limited budget! For $3, matching coupons and sales, I can get $18-25 worth of groceries for families in need.
As the economy dipped, friends started looking to me for news on free activities and great grocery sales. Emailing each new find to people started to get pretty time consuming. So in June I started a blog…a one-stop spot for all my friends to learn of my finds. I included my $3 grocery deals for the food bank. The word spread, and the positive response from so many people has been overwhelming. My conservative estimate is that since June we’ve collectively donated over $100,000 worth of groceries to food banks!! Giving feels so good!"

As I read this blog post I started thinking about the first paragraph above.  The kids and I live on an insanely tight budget (my goal is to spend no more than a very minimal budgeted amount on anything I buy but gas, which is budgeted separately) but we are making it.

Some families aren't. And I am thankful every day that I'm not one of the Moms who can't put a meal on the table at night  We live in one of the areas hardest hit by the housing collapse.  Building came to, virtually, a dead stop.  So many people lost jobs and even their homes.  We have one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country and it's going to be quite some time before this area recovers.

So $3.  Just $3 a week.  That's a small percentage of my spending budget.  I can do that and I know what I can get for $3, so it'd be worth it (and might be a really fun challenge too).

I will be posting my $3 "to donate" purchases every week (hopefully I'll remember!).

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  1. This is an awesome idea Jody!! I already have "visit the food back with donations" as one of my advent calender activities! We have lots of stockpile items to give too!