Help Please ... Digital SLR Camera Information Needed

Our camera is on it's last legs, thus I'm looking into a new one.

I've decided on a Nikon Digital SLR camera.  But there are so many to chose from.  I'm finding the model numbers confusing ... often the higher the number the better and more expensive the camera but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

I'm looking for something not overly expensive, easy to use, that will take high quality images both indoors, and has a good focus feature (unlike my little point and shoot).  Easy to use is pretty important, I'm not tech savvy by any means.

This is the one I found this morning, a Nikon D3000 10MP camera with lots of added "stuff".  It looks to be a good deal, but I'm not sure.  The camera alone, without the stuff, is available at Sam's Club for under $500, this one at Amazon is $650 plus shipping.  Hmm ....

Any input or suggestions of places to find information would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. My husband bought a D70 in 2005 that the shutter is finally starting to die on. I was hoping he'd just upgrade and I'd get to keep it, but it's truly on its last legs! He's planning to stay with Nikon since he already has a bunch of lenses. Here are two websites that we use a lot to get good information. He's planning on the D300S, since it does mostly what the D700 does, for a much better price. (posts with pictures from each camera to show comparisons)

    Http:// (just look in the review section, sort alphabetically for Nikon.

  3. I knew that was you! Sorry, I use a Kodak Easy Share. I could also use some camera advice! Hope you're doing well!

  4. I have the Nikon D70 but thats an old one. My niece has the D3000 (she saved up all the money herself!) and she LOVES it. Has just enough options to grow into without being overwhelmed. It takes beautiful pictures.