Bloglines / Reader Issues

Bloglines, for some reason, is putting up the big [!] for my blog ... I have no idea why, nothing here has changed.  I just went to the home page of the blog and resubscribed and then deleted the old subscription and it now works fine.

Not sure why that happened, or if it's happening elsewhere, but it shouldn't be and I'm still here and posting (which you won't know if you can't access the blog LOL).

Would love to hear better fix ideas.  Thanks!

(fun shot from a recent photo session ... no, we won't be using this one for anything, but it is pretty reflective of our "real lives")

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1 Comment

  1. Great photo! I have been getting the nasty red ! for a bit now. I also saw today that bloglines is no longer going to be around as of October 1st.