Summer Vacation ... The Butterfly

The boys decided to take the Butterfly (sailboat) out one fine breezy afternoon.  Their cousin, Sam, decided to follow.

I'd been trying to get that sailboat out all week so this seemed like a terrific idea to me.  Except, I quickly realized, Sam needed a life jacket.  So into the canoe I hop and paddle over to Sam and give him a life jacket.

The boys then ask if they can go onto another lake.  No problem.  Oh crap ... we don't have a motorboat at all so I can't help them much if they get stuck in the other lake.  Paddle, paddle, paddle I go to tell them to stay on our lake.

Well, then can they go all around our lake and not just stay near the cottage?  Oh sure, that's no problem at all guys.  Oh crap ... we don't have a motorboat and that's where Cassie and I turtled and needed help a few years ago and I can't see you from here.  Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle I go to tell them to stay closer to the cottage.

So glad that's taken care of.  Back to the cottage I go.  Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle.  Paddle, paddle, paddle.  Paddle.  I'm not going anywhere because of the wind and the bow of the boat keeps flipping backwards.  No problem, I'm stronger than wind.  Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle.  Paddle.  Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe.  Stop.  Look around.  Sam isn't going anywhere either.  I tell Sam to head to shore with me.  We do and we tie his board to the canoe and he climbs into the front of the canoe, which I know will keep the bow from flipping around in the wind and sending me backwards.  Repeatedly.

Paddle, paddle, paddle.  Paddle, paddle, paddle.  Whew, finally we're moving!  Eventually, long after the sailboat has returned to the dock, we make it back.

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2 Comment

  1. What a great story! :D
    Hilarious! (and so typical)

  2. You got your workout for the day...or week!
    But...that's the fun of vacation right?!
    Again...great to see you this week!