Just Questions

We just returned from a decadent vacation, which I will post about shortly (and while on vacation I finished a few quilts ... more on that later too).

But for the moment I have a few questions I've been pondering ...

1.  When sewing baby clothes, is there really a difference between a pajama pant (woven, not knit) and a regular pant?  If there's a difference what would it be?

2.  Can I paint corkboard?

3.  Why isn't my "to do" list getting any shorter???

4.  Why is fabric getting so ridiculously expensive and is anyone else getting kind of upset about this fact?  I understand the whole cost of fuel and production thing but it seems to me that higher end fabrics have gone up 25%+ in the last two-three years.  Even JoAnn's is getting a little over-the-top pricey.  Ok, that might be more of a vent than a question.

It's good to be back.  More later.  Thanks.

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  1. 1) For babies...no, there's not really a difference. Well, kind of - PJ pants, on babies, are usually knit, and tight. So they don't get twisted up??

    2) You can definitely paint corkboard, but you'll probably still get holes showing.

    3) Because you're an incredibly talented woman.....and there's always more to do. :-p

    4) I DON'T KNOW, but it's kind of crazy. Which is why...I limit all of my fabric "acquiring" to a) Freecycle, b) Goodwill (bed linens), c) repurposed clothes (bathrobes to fluffy pillows, men's button down shirts to little girl dresses,etc.)and d) JoAnn's Black Friday sale, where their Snuggle Flannel is $1.50 a yard (used to be $.99!!!!) and I buy 30 yards, for the year, and make all the new babies double-thick blankets.

    And thus ends my epistle.....

  2. For the love of God and all that is Holy PLEASE DO NOT paint your cork board.
    What dear Aunt LoLo does not know is your less than stellar past with paint. I repeat. DO NOT paint your cork board!

    Now that I have said that, I also realize that you probably already have. I envision that you were typing the question with one hand and painting with the other. ;)

  3. 1. I think they are the same for babies

    2. Well I've just read the previous post so no I wouldn't if I was you.

    3. To Do lists are neverending

    4. Try buy designer quilting fabrics in Australia. Upwards of $25/metre (close to a yard) that you pay about $8 or $9 for

  4. I have awesome painting skills. LOL. Indecisive, certainly (I've painted most rooms in my house at least three times trying to get the "right" color). Spray paint and I have issues, as do neatness and I ... but other than that ... :P

  5. well for the baby pants I believe the knit patterns are slightly narrower. and as for the to do list mine is always getting longer to because I always have new things I get inspired about and start so it is always getting longer I finish one and start two. and as for cork you can coat it with a base eny color you want to cover the holes , as for fabric I agree it is expensive thats because there is high demand due to women like us that love it I always bargain thats because there is only one where I live and they always give a better price for example they used to charge me 8 euro per meter I bargained it down to 4 ,I also go to the flea market and find it for 1 uero or I find samples that have been discontinued. I hope I helped .