A Little Happy Dancing

A month or so ago I signed up for Groupon, billed as a site that offers an awesome deal a day in your city ... or a city near you as the closest one to me is Tampa, but we go there on occasion so, for the low, low price of an e-mail a day I figured it was worth it.

I've seen florists, restaurants, theaters, laundry services, and who knows what else show up.  Needless to say, a good variety of deals.  But nothing that flipped my skirt until today. 

Today's deal was a $59 one-hour on-site photo shoot plus digital images from Angela Clifton Photography at a 79% discount.  I need this very much.  We have no good photos of all the kids, or all the kids and me. So I bought it. It's a splurge, I know, but not a huge one and given what it comes with I know it'll be well worth it.  Of course, I'll let the location be chosen by her as we're out of her area.  I'm so excited!

I highly recommend signing up for Groupon and their e-mail alerts.  You never know what might come along and be just what you need.  

(and I got the impression they'll be adding a lot more cities, I came across an ad looking for marketing reps. on Craig's List the other day)

**if you follow either of the Groupon links above to join up I will be on my way to earning a bonus, which I sure can use!  Once you sign up you can start earning referral bonuses too, so it's all good.  Thanks.

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