I Don't Know What to Say

but Thank You.  From the bottom of my heart, from the bottom of my daughter's heart.  Thank you.

When I wrote the last post I didn't expect any positive or supportive response, I was just writing it to "have my say" and, maybe, encourage a few people to see things differently.

And then the support started coming.  And I was blown away.  Seriously, it feels like a blanket of reassurance and caring.  I've cried so many tears of comfort over the last 24 hours.  I hope that when my daughter reads the messages and e-mails that have come in she too feels differently about the negativity and feels a renewed, or at least reinvigorated, confidence that we did the right thing (because we did).

I'm sorry I can't respond to each message individually.  I've read them all, I'm saving them all, each one has touched my heart, and they all mean the world to me.

Again, Thank You.


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4 Comment

  1. That is what we all wanted for you. And please tell your daughter not to feel ashamed that you posted either. She has done nothing wrong. Cherrie

  2. I agree with willywagtail. It may be a little slower for her to come around but she will start to see the love and support and she will start to see that you all did the right thing.

  3. Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers since I read your post the other day. There are so many people out there that believe you did the right thing but the negativity just seems to stick out like a sore thumb. Keep your chin up and keep believing in yourself.

  4. I applaud your courage and resolve! You and your daughter took the appropriate steps and then let the authorities make the determination if there was inappropriate behavior. Unfortunately your daughter's reluctance to notify anyone could have been the result of the "grooming" that you became aware of. She is the victim here and I hope that with time and your support she can realize that. Hold your head high around others who doubt you!